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Art We There Yet founders and travelers, Jose Luis Vilchez and Cora


We are a pair of artists with a passion for seeing and experiencing the world through the lens of our art.  Through photography, audio recordings, and Art We There Yet we aim to document and share the diverse sights and sounds of our world.  It is also our mission is to create art that highlights the diversity, challenges, and shared humanity of peoples across the globe. 

Cora Rose recording and urban exploring for Art We There YetCora Rose

I grew up in a small town in rural Wisconsin, in the northern USA.  I have been writing and recording music since I was a child.  Travel is my passion of passions, and audio recording is my addiction. Capturing the ambient sounds of a place is a way I can help transport others to a different part of the world.  Creating collaborative recordings between musicians around the world is very important work for me.  It speaks to the importance of peace and our shared humanity.

José Luis Vílchez travel photography in Vietnam for Art We There YetJosé Luis Vílchez

I also grew up in a small town, though a bit farther South!  I grew up in El Sauce, Nicaragua. My passion for travel has taken me around the world visiting over 70 countries so far.  I’m a painter, a photographer, and a musician.  Photography, for me, is a way of building a visual diary of captured moments – from the rawness and chaos of human life, to the still quiet of the natural world.

Our artist biographies

José Luis Vílchez is a fine art painter, photographer, and musician from Nicaragua and the USA. He is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, one of most prestigious art schools in the world, and he has traveled to over 70 countries. He co-founded the Lido Art Center in Guangzhou, China where he also conducted portfolio reviews to help students gain acceptance to the world’s top art schools. His work has been shown in galleries in the United States, China, India, Nicaragua, and Romania. www.joseluisvilchez.com

Cora Rose is a singer-songwriter and record producer from the USA. She began songwriting at 7, performing at 12, and released her first album at 15. She has written with such notable songwriters as Dave Brainard, Michael Peterson, Roy Rivers, and Jill King. Her work has been used in film, theater, and television, including NBC’s Parks and Recreation and the acclaimed documentary, Taming Wild. She developed a songwriting and recording workshop program, which she has conducted in public K-12 schools throughout the United States. www.corarose.com

How did we meet?

We met in China, of all places!  That common itch to travel led us both to China in 2016, and by some awesome twist of fate, we ended up in the same city, two metro stops away from one another.  In a country of 1.3 billion people, that’s some pretty good luck.

For one year, we lived together in Guangzhou, completing many works from past travels (Cora completed four albums, and José completed two exhibitions, four paintings, and so. many. photos).  In late 2017, we left China to fully dedicate ourselves to Art We There Yet.  We completed work in Nepal, India, Nicaragua and we launched our biggest endeavor yet – 2-3 years aboard a school bus converted into an art and recording studio on wheels.  We will drive the studio 30,000 miles from North to South America, creating art inspired by the Americas and giving back to communities along the way.

Why have this blog?

Art We There Yet? is a behind-the-scenes look at how we create our art.  To see our work in its final form, visit José’s website here and Cora’s website here.

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Brad Glover

Hello Cora and Jose, I would love to invite you both to give an informal presentation at the library during the library’s Fall lifelong learning lecture series to be held in Oct. and Nov. I believe the Pagosa Springs community would love learn more about your upcoming bus project and/or your past artistic travels and adventures.


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