Artist Residency


Currently accepting proposals for artists interested in doing an residency while the bus is traveling through the USA.
If you are interested in a residency in a different country, please read through “When To Apply” below.


The Art We There Yet Artist Residency is a free program that goes along with the bus trip across the Americas. It brings the opportunity to adventurous artists to explore and to create art inspired by the diversity of the Americas.  This is a unique artist residency open only to adventurous and flexible artists who are interested in jumping on the bus with us for 1-4 weeks during our route through North, Central, and South America.

The bus trip route will go across 22-23 countries in 2-3 years in which we will offer 8 spots for artists to join us. We are currently converting the bus into a studio, which means that we don’t have the specific date for the beginning of the trip yet (please see below).

  • Must be a working artist in any medium
  • Must have experience traveling outside your home country at least one time (we are trying to avoid major complications and issues due to culture shock)
  • Must be very flexible and willing to work with our method of travel
  • Must have a passport with validity up to 6 months past the end of the residency
  • Must purchase international medical insurance for the duration of the residency
  • Must be able to adjust to a tiny working space (remember that we’ll be living and working on a mid-size school bus)
  • Must be willing to purchase airfare on short notice, or no more than 1-2 months in advance of residency
  • Must be willing to sign a release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement



Before you consider the residency, we need to make sure you understand how the itinerary for the trip is going to work.  We will be stopping and going depending on resources, artistic opportunities, repairs, political instability, and any other unexpected situations that arise.  Resources will be tight, so if we have sudden repairs, we may need to stay in one place for a long time until we can garner enough funds to cover the expense. We might run out of gas money and need to busk and do a series of concerts in a town until we can move forward.  A mural opportunity may arise, leading to an extra month within a certain country. In essence, we do not know which country we will be in on any given month.

For these reasons, it is very important that the artist-in-resident be very flexible.  One reason this is a free residency program is because we cannot be formal in setting firm dates/locations for your residency months and months in advance.  The only thing we can promise is that our doors, our home, and our hearts are open to artists who are willing to fly in to meet us wherever we happen to be. So you must be willing to book a flight within 1-2 months of flying to meet us, wherever we happen to be at that time.  

We also need to make sure you understand the amenities we will provide.  We will have a kitchen, a composting toilet, A/C, and a comfy bed for you.  And we will do our very best to make sure everything is working perfectly when you’re with us.  But life happens and things break, so you should to be prepared the possibility of cold showers if necessary, grilling out if the oven range breaks, rolling the windows down if the A/C all of a sudden goes out and we’re miles from anyone that can fix it, etc.  The essence we are trying to convey is that you are jumping in an adventure and must be adaptable to unforeseen events. 

  • Proposals should be between 1-2 pages and include specific details of the project you would like to undertake. Please indicate how long you would like to join us for (between 1-4 weeks).
  • Proposed project must involve pulling inspiration from the country in which you would like to do your residency. We want you to completely immerse in the setting and create art that is a direct response to your experience in that country.
  • When writing your proposal, please be mindful of space.  We will be traveling on a mid-size school bus, which will be our transportation, shared living space, and work space (see this video).
  • Please submit project proposals to
WHEN TO APPLY – currently accepting proposals for residencies in the USA
  • We are accepting proposals on a country-by-country or regional basis.  For example, we will announce that we are accepting proposals for Mexico when we are approaching the end of our time in the USA and know we will be entering Mexico soon.  
  • Currently accepting proposals for residencies when the bus is traveling through the USA.  If you are interested in a residency in a different country, please keep checking this page.  Our estimates below will give you some sense of when we may be nearing the country or region you are interested in doing a residency in.  

We are currently in:  Florida, converting the bus and seeking funding to help cope with the project’s operating costs
When we estimate beginning the drive:  early April 2019, though this definitely could change if the conversion takes longer than expected.  
We anticipate at least 6-9 months in the USA and Canada.  Arrival in Mexico will most likely be around late 2019 to early 2020.  We may not reach South America until late 2020 or even later.  This rough timeline will most likely change, so please read the above info carefully about how we will run the trip and therefore the flexibility required for anyone wishing to join us on the bus. 


What we will provide:
  • Access to our humble studio space (you will have space to edit photos and videos, make small paintings, or work with Cora’s recording gear)
  • Musical instruments (keyboard, guitar, ukelele, tenor sax, clarinet)
  • Some photography and lighting equipment
  • A comfortable bed
  • Access to the kitchen
  • Friendly company
What you must cover:
  • The cost of your airfare, food, health insurance, and visa fees (if any)
  • The art materials that you need to create your work (paints, canvases, etc.)



We are very excited to welcome fellow artists on the bus!  We hope that the residency provides inspiration and sparks the creation of some amazing work.  We are so very excited to see your proposal and to have you on the bus!  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to answer your questions.  See you on the road!