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Art We There Yet?

Emotion: Recorded in an Abandoned Bridge in China

  Emotion: Recorded in an Abandoned Bridge in China “Emotion” is the first music video from our new concept album, Hidden: Guangzhou.  Creating this album was one of the most amazing artistic experiences we’ve ever had.  Available on Indiegogo, all album proceeds go to supporting our project to bring free arts education to communities throughout the …

Mural El Sauce Art We There Yet Jose Luis Vilchez
Art We There Yet?

Playing With Perspective: A Mural Time Lapse

 Playing With Perspective: A Mural Time Lapse My mural in El Sauce was a labor of love.  I began painting in April, and it took just over a month to complete.  El Sauce (pronounced el-sow-say) is my hometown, a beautiful small town tucked between Nicaragua’s volcano chain and mountain highlands.  I moved away at …

Art We There Yet?

Recording “Be”: Collaboration Across Five Countries

 Recording “Be”: A Collaboration Across Five Countries In Fall of 2017, four friends representing five countries came together to record a song.  We represent different languages, different political systems, different upbringings, and different belief systems.  Yet these differences pale in importance to our friendship, and together we made a little piece of art come …

Art We There Yet?

Music on the Mountainside – “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty

“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty, Sung on a Mountainside in the Himalayas of Nepal Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” has always resounded very strongly with me.  A bit of a personal mantra.  I believe it’s important to make promises with oneself.  Sometimes you run astray; sometimes you are dead on-track.  But the personal mantra remains the same, reminding …