Jose Luis Vilchez Mural El Sauce Nicaragua Art We There Yet
Art We There Yet?

Playing With Perspective: A Mural in El Sauce, Nicaragua, Update #2

Playing With Perspective:  A Mural in El Sauce, Nicaragua Update #2 In late April everything came to a standstill in Nicaragua, including our Art We There Yet projects.  Instead, we took to the streets to help document this moment and to add our voices to the call for change.  Now as the process moves forward, …

The sound of a glacier moving
Art We There Yet?

The Sound of a Glacier

What does a glacier sound like? The sound of a glacier moving is mesmerizing and humbling.  We were crossing the Ngozumpa Glacier in the Nepalese Himalaya, when we passed close to a glacial pool and heard a curious sound.  It sounded like the cross between a gulp and a boom. “Wow, could that be the ice?” …

Art We There Yet?

Music on the Mountainside – “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty

“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty, Sung on a Mountainside in the Himalayas of Nepal Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” has always resounded very strongly with me.  A bit of a personal mantra.  I believe it’s important to make promises with oneself.  Sometimes you run astray; sometimes you are dead on-track.  But the personal mantra remains the same, reminding …

Art We There Yet?

Everest, Here We Come!

Today we scurried around Kathmandu getting the last bits of gear we needed to head to Everest Base Camp in the morning! Two mornings ago, we left our life in China.  Saying goodbye to friends was difficult, as we really did build a family in China.  But traveling feet get itchy fast, and we were …

Art We There Yet?

Great Spots for Photography in Guangzhou

Great Spots for Photography in Guangzhou Guangzhou is a photographer’s playground.  From expansive cityscape, to intimate street portraits, to ancient cultural landmarks, you shutter-happy folks of the world can capture some amazing photos in Guangzhou.  And who better to give tips on great photo spots than this guy?  Roof Tops It’s easy to get on …