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This woodcut print was designed by Cora and hand-carved in the bus. Each print is hand-pressed in the studio, and the result is that every print is entirely unique.

- 8x10 woodcut printed on acid-free, textured 280g/m² paper
-Protected by cellophane sleeve and shipped in rigid mailer
-A thank you card signed by Cora and José
-A free Art We There Yet sticker

How are woodcuts made?
1. First the design is sketched onto the block medium. In some cases, it is a wood block (hence the term woodcut). In this case, we used carving linoleum.
2. The design is then hand-carved into the block.
3. Archival ink is rolled out onto the block using a 6" rubber roller.
4. The paper is carefully positioned and centered over the block, then pressed.
5. When lifted off the block, the paper now contains a print of the carved block design. As the amount of ink, amount of pressure, and exact position of the paper varies each time, each print is unique and individual.

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