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Sealing the School Bus Windows

Sealing school bus windows is an extremely important step. If you skip this, you are setting yourself up for leaks that can ruin your in-wall insulation, subfloor, wall paneling, and whatever you in front of those bus windows.  And once you build up, you can’t go back.  So it’s worth three days of work to …

School Bus Conversion Skoolie Insulation Floor
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School Bus Conversion Subfloor & Insulation

There are different options for sub-floor insulation in skoolies.  In our research, we saw school bus conversions using foam board insulation, fiberglass insulation, spray foam, you name it.  We chose rigid foam board insulation for a few reasons: We couldn’t afford doing the whole bus with spray foam. Using fiberglass would mean building a grid …

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Emotion: Recorded in an Abandoned Bridge in China

  Emotion: Recorded in an Abandoned Bridge in China “Emotion” is the first music video from our new concept album, Hidden: Guangzhou.  Creating this album was one of the most amazing artistic experiences we’ve ever had.  Available on Indiegogo, all album proceeds go to supporting our project to bring free arts education to communities throughout the …