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Art We There Yet?

Emotion: Recorded in an Abandoned Bridge in China

Creating this album was one of the most amazing artistic experiences we’ve ever had. “Emotion” is the first music video from our brand new concept album, Hidden: Guangzhou.  Only available on Indiegogo, all album proceeds go to supporting our project to bring free arts education to communities throughout the Americas.  THE STORY BEHIND THE CONCEPT ALBUM, …

Art We There Yet?

Art Inspired by the Americas

Hello everyone, we have exciting news: Today we are launching a fundraising campaign to take Art We There Yet North, Central, and South America! The project is to convert a used school bus into an art and recording studio on wheels, which we will then drive from the USA to Argentina over two years.  We …

Art We There Yet?

Recording “Be”: Collaboration Across Five Countries

 In Fall of 2017, four friends representing five countries came together to record a song.  We represent different languages, different political systems, different upbringings, and different belief systems.  Yet these differences pale in importance to our friendship, and together we made a little piece of art come alive. Jane Huang is from the People’s …

Jose Luis Vilchez Mural El Sauce Nicaragua Art We There Yet
Art We There Yet?

Playing With Perspective: A Mural in El Sauce, Nicaragua, Update #2

Playing With Perspective:  A Mural in El Sauce, Nicaragua Update #2 In late April everything came to a standstill in Nicaragua, including our Art We There Yet projects.  Instead, we took to the streets to help document this moment and to add our voices to the call for change.  Now as the process moves forward, …

The sound of a glacier moving
Art We There Yet?

The Sound of a Glacier

What does a glacier sound like? The sound of a glacier moving is mesmerizing and humbling.  We were crossing the Ngozumpa Glacier in the Nepalese Himalaya, when we passed close to a glacial pool and heard a curious sound.  It sounded like the cross between a gulp and a boom. “Wow, could that be the ice?” …