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Art We There Yet is a initiative to create art and music inspired by the Americas, celebrating our shared humanity and giving back to communities along the way.

Aboard a school bus converted into a professional recording and art studio, we are traveling 30,000 miles across North, Central, and South America over the course of four years.

The aim is simple – to create a portfolio of film, photographic portraits, recordings, paintings, and public art to celebrate the spirit of peoples and landscapes across the Americas.

Contact & Press Inquiries

Cora Rose Headshot

Cora Rose
[email protected]

José Luis Vilchez Headshot

José Luis Vílchez
[email protected]

Media Kit

Media Kit Includes:

  • Standard Press Release (Eng/Sp)
  • Photographs of the AWTY Bus
  • Artist Biographies and Headshots
  • Art We There Yet Brand Assets

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